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Colorado Real Estate Homecoming It’s homecoming weekend at CSU which means that alums from all over the Country will be back to visit Northern Colorado. So how does their real estate market stack up versus the place where they went to college? Odds are, it’s not as good! It turns out that there are only 9 metropolitan areas out […]
Blog The Wellington Explosion What if we told you there is a real estate market that has seen a 300% increase in sales volume in only 5 years? What if we told you that market was right in our back yard? The market is Wellington and what is happening there is extraordinary. Because price increases in Fort Collins have […]
Blog All About Rates All About Rates Most likely you read the news that the Federal Reserve raised their discount rate by 0.25% this week. You may not have read the news that average 30-year mortgage rates went down this week. What gives?! How could this be?! What you need to know is that 30-year mortgage rates are not […]
Colorado Real Estate Luxury Spotlight Luxury Spotlight So how’s the luxury market? Let’s look… Today there are 88 single family homes for sale in Larimer and Weld County priced at $1 Million and above. Over the last year, 63 of these properties have sold. This means it would take 17 months to sell all of these luxury properties at the […]
Colorado Real Estate The Next Boulder? The Next Boulder? The hottest question we get in Northern Colorado is this “do you think Fort Collins is the next Boulder?” Let’s look closely at that question and start with what is similar. They are both beautiful college towns nestled against the foothills. They both have affordability issues which push real estate buyers to […]
Blog Limited Choices Limited Choices Pretend that customer walks into our office and tells us they are looking for a single family home in Fort Collins. We would tell them that there are 314 to choose from. But if they told us their price range is up to $300,000, their choices would be limited to just 10 homes. […]
Blog 100K 100K The City Manager for Fort Collins, Darin Atteberry, recently visited our weekly sales meeting. He had several interesting and valuable facts to share, including this… Based on the City’s research, Fort Collins will grow by 100,000 people over the next 25 to 32 years. That will bring the population to approximately 255,000 people. It […]
Blog Upping the Pace Upping the Pace Nationally, the real estate market is on pace for 5.6 million home sales. That is the highest pace we’ve seen since 2007. A little perspective – 5 years ago the pace was roughly 4.5 million sales and ten years ago it was roughly 6 million sales. The highest it has ever been […]
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Blog The Trump Tantrum The Trump Tantrum Since the election interest rates have jumped from 3.77% to 3.95% according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. “This week’s increase in mortgage rates, being dubbed the ‘Trump Tantrum,’ is the biggest one week increase since the ‘Taper Tantrum’ in June 2013,” said Bankrate’s chief financial analyst Greg McBride. Economists say the anticipation […]
Blog Interesting Takeaways Interesting Takeaways The Zillow Group just completed an extensive survey of home buyers and sellers. Here are some interesting takeaways from the research: Half of today’s home buyers are under the age of 36, and 47 percent are first-time buyers. Solo home buyers are in the minority; most buyers are shopping with a spouse or […]
Blog Hot and Not Where are the hottest markets in Northern Colorado? Hint – it starts with “W” Turns out the communities with the largest increase in year over year sales are… (drum roll please) Windsor and Wellington! Windsor transactions are up 22% more than last year. Wellington has seen an 11% increase. All other NoCo communities are flat […]
Blog Remember when… With lots of focus on the presidential election it got us thinking about the last time we were getting ready to elect the leader of the free world. Do you remember what you were doing in 2012? Back when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were the candidates… Do you remember what the real estate market […]
Blog How does Colorado stack up in real estate pricing? The Winner Is… With the Olympics stoking the spirit of competition, we took at look at how Colorado stacks up against the other states when it comes to real estate prices. Our impartial judge for the competition is the Federal Housing Finance Authority who tracks close to 300 real estate markets all over the country. For this […]
Fort Collins Real Estate Door Opens for Buyers After a very active (to say the least) spring and summer, the door has now opened for buyers in our market. Buyers who were frustrated during the first half of the year with low inventory and bidding wars now realize a better environment. It's time to step off the sidelines and take a fresh look […]
Blog Luxury Market Bingo Let's have some fun with 5 Fascinating Facts about the Luxury Market in Northern Colorado (homes priced over $700,000): Luxury homes represent 19% of all available inventory Luxury homes represent 3% of all closed sales The luxury market has 11 months of inventory The average sales to list price for a luxury home is 97% The average days on market for a […]