Moving tips October 17, 2019

Moving with Kids: From Closing Day to Moving Day

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When it comes time to move into a new home, especially with kids, you really have to be able to roll with the punches. As most parents can attest, life with kids, in general, requires an ability to go with the flow. In fact, so does moving. Whether you’re moving across the street, across the state or across the country, having kids in tow can make for a whole different experience — even at the home buying and selling stage. Here are a few resources to help you from the moment you decide to buy to the first time you unlock your new front door.


Do Your Research

The house of your dreams before kids hardly resembles the house of your dreams today. A big master bedroom may not be as important as a big backyard. Make a list of what your family needs and wants and then hit the internet — research the best prices and neighborhoods in your region so you have a baseline for weighing your options. For example, knowing that the average sale price for a home in Fort Collins is $395,000 can help you when it comes to looking for homes and making an offer. Many parents consider school districts, nearby parks and playgrounds, and crime rate to be important considerations when moving with children.


Go for Low Stress

Moving day is stressful no matter how you cut it. With kids along, it can be a madhouse if you haven’t taken the time to prepare and plan. It might be a good idea to have a family meeting to discuss how the day will pan out and come up with a fun outing afterward. You can make moving day less stressful for you and your kids by:


  • Packing nonessentials in advance (you can buy moving boxes at Home Depot for less than $1 each).
  • Creating a moving-day schedule and explain it to your kids before the big day.
  • Arranging for child care, especially if you have little ones who will most likely get underfoot more than they will help out.
  • Hiring movers to get the loading and unloading completed quickly so you can be there for your child throughout the day.
  • Deciding in advance if you need to store certain belongings that won’t fit in the new home right away. Book a storage unit as soon as possible to save time and reduce stress. You can rent a 5×5 storage unit in Fort Collins for $52.61 per month on average, or as low as $44 per month.


Settle in the New Space

Perhaps the most important part of moving into a new home with kids is being intentional about how you settle in. This is especially important if your kids will be attending new schools or leaving behind close neighborhood friends. Settling into your new home comes with a little finesse. You can start things off on a happy note by:

  • Unpacking and putting together the kids’ rooms first. Let them have some say in where things will go and help you as you put away favorite toys.
  • Phasing in new furniture and other belongings so there is a mixture of the familiar with the new. This way, your children will still feel at home because the change has been gradual.
  • Offering a reward for moving, such as that puppy they’ve been begging for since last year or a new swing set for the backyard.
  • Taking your kids to meet the neighbors, especially those who have kids themselves. A new friendship is a great way to kick off a new neighborhood.
  • Sticking to the same rituals and routines you had at the old house. If you took family walks after dinner, keep it up. If the kids took a bath and read a book before bedtime, try to stay on the same timeframe.


Your children will be very sensitive to the move, even if they don’t show it right away. Change, even well-planned, can be chaotic for kids. It’s important your kids know they can talk with you, even if it’s to share their anger or shed a few tears.


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